There has been a wide adoption of CyberSecurity tools in different domains, but we still see a number of data breaches increasing in financial institutions. Today we see financial organizations’ sensitive data footprint is everywhere in cloud, on-prem, databases, file shares and any home grown systems.

Why do financial institutions after having all security tools still end up having breaches. They miss a fundamental requirement of this decade: understanding their data surface management. Once a financial institution has a solid understanding of their sensitive data, they can build an effective data protection program and an effective security architecture around it.

Data leak news in financial institutions have become common leading to breaches and ransomware attacks are another common use case of today’s breaches.

Today’s existing tools like DLP, Regex based Data Scanning tools are ineffective with exponential growth of Unstructured data. We need data classification which automatically understands your changing landscape of sensitive data. 

Secuvy’s Sensitive Data Observability platform, combines two key aspects of data security, access and data. Using the platform financial institutions can discover their lateral movement of data stored in Unstructured and Structured format, auto classify data using AutoML and get alerted on data attributes rather than files.

Secuvy provides visibility in risky users having access and data pattern changes. Secuvy correlation technology provides a single pane of glass 360 degree view of an individual sensitive data journey for privacy compliance requirements.

Additional ways Secuvy Automation helps:

Understanding Dark PII data for GLBA and others

Using Self Learning AI recommendation engine Secuvy finds Dark PII, which is never tracked and goes unnoticed by legacy tools leading to a data breach. Secuvy proactively correlates full spectrum of PII (Hidden + Newly added + Existing tool supports PII + Adding your custom PII) 

Intelligent Data Discovery with AutoML Classification

Secuvy is a one stop platform for discovery of sensitive data in Text, Images, Audio and Video. Secuvy correlates individual data from across data source types and provides it in a single pane of glass for remediation purposes.  Secuvy’s auto classifies content in near real time with no manual tagging, helping in use cases like duplicate files, data retention limits, data residency etc.

Simplify financial institutions data security and compliance needs via Automated Workflows for:

  • Data Deletion
  • Data Retention
  • Data Access
  • Data Masking
  • Data Anonymization


Today’s financial institutions have a big challenge on how to handle sensitive data across different streams and track for anomalies. This aspect is often overlooked leading to a breach in the longer run. Secuvy’s Discovery, Classification and Protection platform solves some of these challenging issues of enterprises using Self Learning AI.