Auto-Data Classification to uncover Audit & Security Risks 

Secuvy AutoClassifies your data to empower your business operations and create a solid and secure foundation for your growth. Using Auto-Data Classification solution, it is easy to introduce and implement data policies, monitor and raise awareness of the use of data across the organization. Access real-time reports to get better insights into your data protection programs.  Implement in hours not weeks for Risk& Compliance related Audits for HIPAA, FINRA, & Privacy Regulations.

Advanced Data Classification 

Holistic Data Categorization

A classification that extends beyond security

Retention-related Metadata

Minimize your data risks

Drive Regulatory Compliance

Share information, securely and confidently

Secuvy Privacy Automated
Categorizing and Creating Data Inventory
With our data categorization solution, we classify data based on its content as well as context. This gives you a complete view of the data flow rather than viewing through the lens of security only. You get a deeper understanding and better control over your data purpose, user monitoring & risk scores. 
Capture and Manage Retention-related Metadata
You can capture and map retention-related metadata to retention taxonomies. This makes it easier for you to discover relevant information for compliance & audit purposes. Besides, your organization can decide on appropriate retention policy for reduce the liabilities. 
Secuvy Privacy Automated
Secuvy Privacy Automated
Honor Regulatory Compliance Requirements
Use our Automated Tagging to Classify data and comply with broadly applicable regulations like HIPAA, FINRA, CCPA, GDPR, LGPD, PIPEDA and other Global Privacy Laws.