Find & Understand Your Data.

Self-Learning AI Discovers >99% of your Sensitive Data

Discover | Understand | Secure | Comply

Replace Big, Complex & Slow with Fast, Easy & Accurate

Secuvy’s advanced AI technology gives customers full data visibility, enabling the discovery of ALL sensitive data assets, including dark and unstructured data within HOURS. Secuvy’s advanced unsupervised machine learning algorithms put full data visibility at your fingertips through a single pane of glass resulting in renewed data agility and risk management.

Traditional Big & Slow approaches require trained (i.e. expensive) resources, constant retraining, and take weeks or months to implement. Secuvy can be up and running in MINUTES, provide actionable data risk analyses in HOURS, and AUTOSCALE to give you complete visibility into terabytes and petabytes of data in DAYS.


Secuvy can scan >20 TB of data per day.


Secuvy's self-learning AI achieves >99% sensitive data discovery accuracy.


Secuvy can reduce compute costs to <10% of comparable tools.

Secuvy – the world’s first self-learning AI data platform – is filling the massive gap for high performance by identifying data vulnerabilities at light speed, and building actionable workflows to mitigate risks and comply with global data privacy & security regulations.

Global View of All your Data

  • Find & correlate unstructured, semi-structured and structured data viewed through a single pane of glass
  • Enable guardrails using a data control engine that enforces data protection
  • Single platform for security & privacy requirements


“We were up and running with Secuvy in a matter of a few hours. Their radical approach to automate Data Privacy and Security workflows has reduced our project from months to hours.”

Privacy Program Manager, Fortune 1000 Company

“Data Privacy is changing how businesses are run. We need to comply with new and evolving privacy regulations. Secuvy is a technically smart solution which keeps us on track.”

Head of Global Legal & Compliance, Martech Company