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Why Secuvy?

Data security and privacy are a top priority for modern Enterprises, but legacy solutions fail to provide the support needed to protect sensitive corporate data in today’s increasingly complex, digital, and distributed environments. 

As data volumes continue to massively grow, organizations are required to comply with new and evolving data privacy regulations. Failure to satisfy can mean millions of dollars in fines and significant brand damage.

463 Exabytes’

Data expected to be
generated and shared daily by 2025.


Businesses cite the need to leverage
unstructured data.


World’s personal data covered under
privacy regulations by 2024.

Secuvy is filling a massive gap in data privacy and security, enabling organizations to easily comply with global privacy laws and secure data in today’s evolving regulatory landscape.

The Data Trust Platform


The world’s first self-learning AI technology

Identify & Secure Sensitive Data

Discover, protect, monitor, and report data security issues.
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Automated Data Classifications

Auto-classify data to create a solid and secure foundation for your business.
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Data Inventory & Mapping

Map data, assess risk, monitor data, and report compliance in real-time
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Fulfill Data Access Rights

Create and publish data requests using customizable forms
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User Consent Management

Manage consent preferences and provide secure privacy experiences
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Privacy Risk Assessment

Identify, prioritize, and mitigate data risks easily
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Build Trust and Protect your Brand
With ever-increasing data sprawls and complexities of regulatory compliance, Secuvy streamlines and automates processes in handling sensitive data. By reducing human effort, errors, and expenses, our customers can better protect their brands and strengthen customer trust. 
  • Cloud-native, born in the cloud
  • Zero Rules or Policies
  • Simplified deployment in a few hours 
  • Data Driven Privacy Workflows
  • DriftScanning Technology to monitor changes

What we Offer?
Full visibility into sensitive data across hundreds of sources at a petabyte-scale.
Easily automate data security, privacy compliance and governance via AI-driven workflows and get best in class data intelligence especially for unstructured data.
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Learn More. Protect More.
Checkout “Data Privacy And Governance Guide” and get in-depth information about data privacy regulations.