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Smart Discovery | Data Intelligence | Data Anomaly

Data Security & Privacy Automated
Secuvy is a Next-Generation Cloud Platform to automate Data Security, Privacy Compliance and Governance via AI-Driven workflows. Best in class Data Intelligence especially for Unstructured data. 

Scalable, User Friendly & Easy to Use

Single Click Deploy within minutes. Agentless, No Patching and Upgrade needed. Auto-classification eliminates any manual rules. Data Intelligence at Petabyte Scale. No Rules or Policies.  Drastic reduction in costs, time and errors.

Automated Privacy Workflows
Automated Data Discovery, Customizable Subject Access Requests, User Validations, Data Maps & Workflows for Privacy Regulations such as CCPA, GDPR, LGPD, PIPEDA and other Global Privacy Laws. Data Intelligence to find sensitive and privacy information across multiple data stores at rest and in motion. 

Get full visibility into sensitive data across hundreds of sources at a petabyte-scale
to fulfill Security, Privacy, and Governance requirements.