Data Deletion

The Secuvy Platform enables the secure and irreversible removal of specific information from files, databases, and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications. Automated data deletion minimizes the risk of data breaches, supports regulatory compliance, and upholds the principles of privacy by design.

Reduce Your Attack Surface with Data Deletion

Secuvy’s Data Deletion allows your organization to manage your data lifecycle in a single platform. With Data Deletion, you can reduce attack surfaces, maintain compliance, and enhance continuous data hygiene.

Problems We Solve

Data Deletion for DSAR

Since personal data is distributed across hundreds of data systems & applications managed by various stakeholders, coordinating & collaborating on DSARs requests 
is complex and time-consuming.

Data Deletion across Data Sources

Searching for personal data across hundreds of systems is error-prone, labor intensive, and costly.

Quickly Respond and Comply with Data Deletion Requests

Delete information within moments – any data source such as Google Drive, S3, SQL, and additional platforms. Verify deletion requests and maintain a record with audit trails.

Reduce attack surface and control privacy risk

Eliminate redundant and outdated data. Aligning data deletion policies with data minimization principles can yield substantial reductions in data storage costs and exposure risk.

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