AI-Driven Data Security

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Hyper-Speed | Petabyte-Scale | Self-Learning

Manage Data Sprawl

Secuvy’s self-learning AI platform autonomously traverses the vast
expansion of cloud and on-premise data sources.

With Secuvy’s self-learning AI platform, you can move from reactive data management to proactive data actions. Secuvy’s Platform reduces risk by discovering, classifying, and protecting your sensitive data while aiding in certifications like SOC2, ISO, 27001, 27701, and the rapidly growing and evolving global privacy laws and regulations.

Know your Data Anywhere

Secuvy’s pioneering approach enables enterprises to minimize false positives and adapts to each business’s unique data signatures in unstructured, semi-structured, and structured data environments.

The Secuvy Platform provides:

  • Any source, any data type
  • Any correlation that matters to security and privacy
  • One security platform to protect your users’ data
  • One policy engine to enforce data security rules everywhere

Its innovative technology helps organizations achieve greater accuracy while saving on cost, time, and reducing errors at significant scale.

Build your guardrails to avoid data leaks

Unlike conventional approaches that rely on manual processes and predefined rules, Secuvy brings a dynamic and adaptive dimension to the realm of data protection. Through its’ advanced machine learning algorithms, Secuvy can:

 Track data through its’ lifecycle, swiftly detecting anomalous patterns and potential threats that human oversight might miss
 Learn and evolve from new data for constant refinement of security measures with remarkable agility.
 Autonomously analyze colossal volumes of data

Identify and Remediate Risk Exposure

Identifying and remediating data risks using machine learning involves assessing potential vulnerabilities across data systems, processes, and environments. Timely action can address these vulnerabilities, minimizing exposure to threats, ensuring compliance, and bolstering data security.

Key Capabilities for Data Security

Contextual Data Lineage
Any Data, Any Source

Expose intricate data interdependencies amongst individuals, departments, and 3rd parties. Secuvy builds a graph of relationships highlighting potential exposure and data risk.

Data at Rest:
Data Loss Prevention

AI-driven data loss prevention intelligently identifies, classifies, and protects sensitive data across various platforms. The platform prevents unauthorized access and leaks while ensuring compliance in near real-time, significantly minimizing risks.

Data Risk Metrics
Risk Scoring

Automates data risk metrics to autonomously quantify and evaluate data vulnerabilities. This streamlines risk assessment, enhances accuracy, and facilitates data-driven decision-making for improved security measures and data risk remediation.

Contextual Data Deletion: Files, Databases, SaaS

Data deletion is a secure and irreversible removal of specific information from files, databases, and Software-as-a- Service (SaaS) applications.

Automated data deletion minimizes the risk of data breaches, supports regulatory compliance, and upholds the principles of privacy by design.

 Data Classification

Continuous Discovery

With persistent monitoring, differential scans detect dark data. Locate hidden, unmanaged data for better compliance, security, and operational efficiency at Petabyte scale.

Redefine data security with Secuvy