Self-Learning Data Classification

Multi-Cloud | On-Premises

Scalable Data Classification for All Data Types

Secuvy’s self-learning and contextual data classification is tailored for all data types, including unstructured, semi-structured and structured, files, documents, email, and images, encompassing data at rest and in motion. Scale your classification flexibly by prioritizing sensitive data, using intuitive classifier builders, exclusion/inclusion ranges, and simultaneous handling of metadata, physical, and document data.


Self-learning AI automates this process, efficiently categorizing the entirety of your data, enhancing security, and aligning data use with its designated purpose, which ultimately fortifies privacy and governance practices.

Intent Assigned to Data

Secuvy’s platform assigns specific intent to data, ensuring granular control and streamlined compliance.

Use Cases

Secuvy automates contextual classification of unstructured data as it is created or modified based on the user, source, and application. With Secuvy’s multi-dimensional classification, all sensitive and personal information is identified and tagged. 

Protect Intellectual Property

Secuvy adds tags to dictate customized permissions, building context into the account type, content, legal purpose, and/or author. This helps safeguard your IP.

Enhance Data Loss Prevention

Integrate Secuvy into your data loss or information protection platform. You can then incorporate data sensitivity levels into alert prioritization.

Regulatory Compliance

Secuvy self-learning AI automates tagging to classify data and ensure compliance with all global, horizontal, and vertical privacy laws and regulations.

“Data Privacy is changing how businesses are run. We need to comply with new and evolving privacy regulations. Secuvy is a technically smart solution which keeps us on track.”

Head of Global Legal & Compliance, Martech Company

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