With organizations storing years of data in multiple databases, governance of sensitive data is a major cause of concern. Data Sprawls are hard to manage and increase an organization’s risk via security, legal and financial outcomes. 

Data Discovery Tools are therefore one stop solution to help with management of data sprawls. These platforms help users find sensitive data sources, provide inventory of all the data types and help classify the data for sales, analytics, legal and security perspectives.

NextGen Data Discovery

Data discovery and visual analytics are the new age data sets needed to find insights and valuable information in a business.

Unlike your traditional business intelligence tools, data discovery tools are what your business craves. To lead the path of a successful business, you need data discovery tools.

Sensitive Data Discovery Tool

You can get a  wide range of data discovery tools in the market. But one of the most preferred tools out of all is Secuvy. 

Here is all you need to know for easy evaluation of different tools. The list of characteristics mentioned below will help you make the right decision for your project.

Easy usage and an inbuilt interface

The very first characteristic that a good personal data discovery tool has is an intuitive user interface. Next, the tool must provide ease of use for business users to create interactive visualizations in no time. Finally, these tools should have the ability to attract the target audience to attract children.

Different visualization components

The next characteristic which a data discovery tool must possess is a wide range of visualization components. There must be appealing components like bar charts, pie charts, treemaps, histograms, etc. In short, the tool must have everything that a user needs to get the work done easily and quickly.


After we have got preferred visualization, now comes the right connectivity. The data discovery tools for Privacy & Security need to connect the user with various data sources like Cloud services. Hence a data discovery tool is worth using only if it connects

True AD-HOC data discovery

Another characteristic that you need to evaluate while choosing sensitive data discovery tools is the amount of interaction that the tool provides. Most of the time, such tools lack real interactive analysis. Therefore instead of only visualizing data sets by drag down or roll up options in the tables, a discovery tool must offer drag and drop interactions.

Supportive data loading and analysis

Data loading is not supported by many data discovery tools. And due to this many users start losing interest. A good data discovery tool will always support data loading and its analysis. This analysis will most probably be offered with alternative approaches like analysis in memory (e.g., spreadsheets), analysis in the database, analysis on demand.

In-line and AD-HOC data wrangling

The functionality to put data in the desired shape and get the best quality can only be achieved with the right data centre discovery tool. And having data in such form is the need of the hour. Hence the chosen data tool must be efficient enough of in-line and ad-hoc data wrangling.

Geo analytics

A data tool must use geolocation features for easy enabling of location-based analysis. The idea behind having a data tool is to experience beyond simple layer map visualizations. If your data tools offer such an exclusive experience, it is worth using.

Out of the box functionality and capability

The next characteristic that the best data discovery tool should have is providing out-of-the-box functionality, especially for simple analytics that needs no coding. The tool must have additional components to give the user experience of advanced analytics without any technical coding.

Supports additional advanced analytics

The tool should not be bound to components. Rather, it must support machine learning frameworks and the integration of additional advanced analytics.

Enhancing nature

The quality of extensibility and enhancement does not come with every data discovery tool. So you need to research and find if your chosen tool offers the addition of custom components and features. Because if it does, then you are making the right choice.


Last is the collaborating nature present in the data discovery tools. It is a big yes if a tool allows business users, analysts, and data scientists to collaborate without any third-party tool. By adopting such tools, an organization can work together, discuss, collaborate, add comments and share analysis.

Now that you know the needed characteristics for data discovery tools, you can easily select the right one for your organization. So before you start your data discovery journey, make sure you also focus on insights like fraud detection and maintenance.

Secuvy being one of the innovative data discovery tool providers, can also guide you with insights and analytics models for real-time processing. To explore modern data discovery automations, visit www.secuvy.ai.