Amazon Bedrock AI Data Security and Governance

Use Foundation Models with Amazon Bedrock safely and security with Secuvy’s data privacy and governance platform

Integrate Amazon Bedrock on Secuvy’s platform to develop secure generative AI applications

The latest generative AI service by Amazon is here, and it aims to enable developers to build advanced, secure, and responsible AI applications on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud platform. Amazon Bedrock AI is a generative, pre-trained transformer model that can be leveraged by organizations to develop groundbreaking applications by feeding custom data. With Secuvy’s AI-driven data privacy and governance platform, your data remains safe and secure while working with AI models. Our platform provides you with the ability to govern and protect your sensitive data and infrastructure in the cloud.

Data Privacy and Governance for Amazon Bedrock

Automated Data Classification and Linkage

Swiftly discover your sensitive data residing in your AWS environment with Secuvy’s automated data discovery solution. Get complete data visibility to understand the types of data you can use to train AI models.

Data Scrubbing

Scrub PI and any other sensitive data before being used for training purposes related to customer support or any other chatbots. Easily certify chatbots to be shared and released for marketing, support and customer facing teams.

Demonstrating Compliance

Confidently navigate through the data privacy regulatory landscape by classifying structured and unstructured data that resides on your cloud platform with Amazon Bedrock security compliance. You can automate data sprawl prevention, policy enforcement, and compliance demonstrations on our platform and get a detailed view of risk reports for sensitive data.

Data Access

Sensitive information submitted to Amazon Bedrock is masked and encrypted to meet stringent security requirements. You can manage and control access to sensitive information within the organization and ensure that only authorized users have appropriate access to data to avoid potential breaches with Amazon Bedrock data privacy.

Data Governance

With Secuvy’s platform and Amazon Bedrock data privacy, you can proactively identify and mitigate risks that can pose potential compliance challenges and threats to personal information. AI-driven governance enables application developers to not only meet evolving regulations but also fortify their cloud security posture.

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