Policy Management

Intelligently identify, classify, and protect sensitive data across all of your platforms, preventing unauthorized access, leakage, and ensuring compliance and minimizing risks in near real-time.

AI-driven security & privacy policy engine enforces policy at scale

Utilize Secuvy to centralize and automate policy management. Policies trigger upon detecting sensitive data across third-party assets like Google Drive, Oracle, SQL, ensuring compliance with regulations.

What is a policy engine?

A policy engine allows an organization to create, monitor and enforce rules about how network resources and the organization’s data can be accessed. The policy engine relies on a combination of network analytics and programmed rules to grant role-based permissions that take into account multiple factors, such as device type, workload label or hierarchy of need. The criteria that the policy engine uses when evaluating access requests depends on how the network policies have been defined. Policy definitions are based on the organization’s specific circumstances, constraints and resource types. However, the policy engine might also consider other information, such as threat intelligence or analytics performed from historical data.

Data Problems Solved

Unified Privacy & Security Policy Platform

The Secuvy Platform enables you to manage policies for both Security Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and Privacy Policy & Notice requirements.

Maintain Regulatory Compliance

Maintain mandatory compliance standards specified by governments and industry regulators, such as SOX, HIPAA, GDPR, and PCI DSS.

Manage Data Sprawl

The Secuvy Platform uses self-learning AI to discover, classify and correlate sensitive data enabling rapid and accurate DSAR compliance.

Centrally Create & Manage Policies

Leverage templates, and customize based on the needs of the business. Publish and maintain your policies centrally.

Automate Updates

Automate updates to privacy & security policies including universal consent management, data processing, and DSAR activity.

Why Secuvy?

Reduce Cost & Effort by 90%

AI driven Workflows drastically reduces the costs, efforts and errors to identify personal data and process DSARs.

Regulatory Resilience

Reduce risk of fines and penalties with 99.9% accuracy, as well as timely responses to DSAR requests that also maintain an audit trail for compliance.

Improve User Trust

Expedited and accurate fulfillment of DSARs enhances user trust and their experience with your business and your trusted brand.

Experience Secuvy

When data accuracy matters