Universal Consent Management

Choosing Secuvy’s Secuvy Platform for consent management enables flexibility, transparency, security, and scalability, and ensures compliance with pertinent privacy regulations for chief privacy officers and other privacy professionals.

Streamline Consent Management with Secuvy

Secuvy’s Secuvy Platform, powered by self-learning AI, provides a centralized consent data view. It empowers you to craft comprehensive consent assessments, ensuring the management, correlation, and protection of data subjects’ privacy rights for compliance.

Problems We Solve

Transparency in Data and Privacy:

Consumers increasingly demand transparency in their online activities.

Minimizing Noncompliance Risk

Failure to comply with privacy laws can result in severe financial and even criminal penalties.

Building Trust with Consumers

The care with which organizations manage consumer data and privacy can become a point of differentiation and even a source of competitive business advantage.

Universal Consent Management

Automate the consent process, obtain permission for using cookies to track data, and allow users to update their preferences easily.

Simplify Compliance with DSARs

Secuvy provides automated workflows to help companies better manage DSARs.

Why Secuvy


The Secuvy Platform can be up and running in hours…not weeks or months. The platform autoscales, and can discover sensitive data in a fraction of the time of comparable solutions.

Deep Discovery

The Secuvy Platform makes active use of data correlation and lineage to provide the greatest depth of data discovery.


The Secuvy Platform discovers, classifies, and provides a full view of your data at petabyte scale.

Ready to see Secuvy in Action?

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