Data Security Posture Management

Self-learning AI driven discovery engine helps organizations achieve complete data coverage, with greater accuracy, while saving cost and time.

Know and Protect Your Data Anywhere

With Secuvy’s revolutionary approach, maximize accuracy of data identifications and classifications, reduce alert fatigue, and drive focus on exploitable, and accessible data vulnerabilities. 

Secuvy’s DSPM enables:

  • Any source, any data type, any cloud/on-premises coverage
  • Identifying and classifying data on the basis of context based risk
  • Alerting and enforcing data security policies anywhere

Problems We Solve

Data Inventory and Classifications

Self-learning AI Driven Data Discovery for high accuracy and complete automation categorizing data by content, context, and patterns. It eliminates manual effort, heightens precision, and identifies sensitive information across diverse datasets in real-time. This empowers data protection, enhances security, and proactively addresses privacy risks.

Data Detection and Response

Continuous monitoring of the data landscape with differential scans to discover sensitive and dark data. Locate hidden, unmanaged data for better compliance, security, and operational efficiency at Petabyte scale. Identify how data is shared and moving across domains.

Data Access Governance

Visibility into ownership, access and access patterns of sensitive information, to prevent unauthorized and/or overprivileged access. IAM policies, privileges and data sprawl may generate complex web of access patterns. Secuvy simplifies visibility into access and privileges to protect data.

Data Retention/Deletion

Data deletion is a secure and irreversible removal of specific information from files, databases, and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications. Data deletion minimizes the risk of data breaches, supports regulatory compliance, and upholds the principles of privacy by design.

Data Risk Metrics Scoring

Automating data risk metrics to autonomously quantify and evaluate data vulnerabilities to streamline risk assessment, enhance accuracy, and facilitation of data-driven decision-making for improved security measures and data risk remediation.

Privacy Compliance

Leveraging comprehensive data discovery and purpose-based classification Secuvy provides key ingredients for data privacy operations like data mapping, PIA/ROPA, DSR automation.

Data Infrastructure Vulnerability Detection and Remediation

Automated detection of exploitable infrastructure vulnerabilities and remediation to reduce risk and harden security at the data infrastructure level.

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