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About the Product

Easily Search & Detect Sensitive User Data

Secuvy’s Data Discovery solution employs contextual Artificial Intelligence, which allows for the real-time discovery of personal data and user correlation. Easily collect, organise, and create a live data catalog to address privacy, security, and governance requirements.

Get a snapshot of all your sensitive files, emails and images, and auto classify by categories, types, purpose, access, and sensitivity labels.

Automatically Catalog Data

Catalog different attributes and metadata from across the ecosystem

Improve Data Risk Management

Gain in-depth insight and discover abandoned assets

Locate and Map Sensitive Data

Discover and correlate data elements that metadata scanners can't locate

Correlate to Unveil Relationships

View interconnected data attributes compiled in one place
Automatically Catalog and Map Sensitive Data

Discover, catalog, and secure your business ecosystem by automating the collection of metadata surrounding your sensitive data. Create an inventory of sensitive data of storage, access and usage. Providing you a better understanding of what sensitive data is within your organization and helping you manage risks related to its exposure.

Extract more value from your business ecosystem by automating data discovery for greater supervision and context. To gain in-depth insights, higher accuracy, and a quicker time to value, catalogue diverse attributes and metadata of sensitive and personal data. To manage risks and minimise data threats, uncover ungoverned assets and identify personal information.

Correlate and Add Context to Data Relationships

Secuvy’s AI-based Data Discovery helps companies in obtaining holistic visibility of their sensitive data assets. Identify, detect, and correct potential privacy violations caused by improper data management practices.

Discover, connect data pieces to an entity, and identify links between numerous data points by looking beyond the metadata, and get more privacy-centric visibility. Deduce new sensitive and personal data attributes and get numerous interconnected data attributes compiled in one place.

Automated, Easy-to-Comprehend Results

Secuvy’s Contexutal Intelligence AI will help you find hidden patterns in the information to help surface actions and key decisions that can be made. Without these insights, businesses are disadvantaged in their understanding of their own data. Assess data from multiple angles, and make well informed decisions based on the patterns you uncover.

Receive notifications regarding entity-resolved graphs and result reports automatically. Graphs can keep you up to date on each new entity, the processing of any new data input, and other relationship information changes for a fast, accurate and spontaneous workflow. 

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