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About the Product

Identify, Manage & Secure Sensitive Data

With Secuvy’s Data Security Solution, you can easily discover, classify and label hundreds of sensitive data fields in unstructured and structured data sources at petabyte scale. Moreover, you can assess your organization’s data risk position with actionable reports in order to limit the risk of data breaches or non-compliance.

Let Secuvy assist you in implementing the essential safeguards for your sensitive data.

Discover & Protect Data Easily
Get over 250 data connectors (unstructured, semi-structured, and structured) support. Access hundreds of out-of-the-box classifiers and regulate your classifications. Enjoy multi – language support and a deep data catalog search engine. Policy-driven access restrictions and the flexibility to establish custom policies based on sensitive data fields across data sources.
Auto-Classify and Monitor Data Risk Levels
With Secuvy, you can automatically label, tag, and search classified data. You may also monitor data risk posture in real time and learn how to spot dangerous data fields, analyse data risk, and anticipate & forecast data risk levels.
Easy to Investigate, Report, and Comply
Get an instant response to data security issues. Create tickets quickly to respond to alerts, track incidents, and obtain a closure report. Get out of box custom reports and enjoy over 240+ classifiers for security and privacy compliance with a provision to add custom classifiers per compliance requirements.
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