Know Your Sensitive Data Risk

Discover, classify and label hundreds of sensitive data fields in Unstructured and Structured DataSources at Petabyte scale. Get a data risk posture of your organization with actionable reports.

Secuvy Data Discovery
  • Over 250+ Data Connectors(Unstructured, Semi-Structured, and Structured) support.

  • 100s of classifiers out of the box.

  • Multi-language support.

  • Classify on a regulation basis.

  • Deep data catalog search engine.

  • Policy-based alerts on sensitive data fields across data sources.

  • Policy-driven access controls.

  • Custom policy creation.

Secuvy Data Discovery
Secuvy Data Discovery
  • Auto Classification.

  • Auto labeling.

  • Tagging.

  • Search classified data.

  • Track data risk posture in near real-time.

  • Identify risky data fields.

  • Data risk analytics.

  • Predict and forecast data risk levels.

Secuvy Data Discovery
Secuvy Data Discovery
  • Incident response for data security issues.

  • Create tickets to respond alerts.

  • Track incidents and closure of it.

Reporting and Compliance
  • Out of box custom reports

  • Over 240+ classifiers for security and privacy compliance

  • Provision to add custom classifiers per compliance requirements.

Privacy Compliance