Pleasanton, California March 28, 2024 — Secuvy today announced its latest data privacy features, which extends its self-learning AI-powered data security & privacy platform. Secuvy adds new AI-driven features such as Data Retention, Sharing & Minimization, Automated Data Protection Impact Assessments, Record of Processing Activities, Data Security Posture Management, and Live Data Inventory and Mapping.

These new capabilities enhance visibility and automation to the collection and processing of customer’s personal data.

“Businesses are struggling with multiple privacy laws and data sprawls across its mult-cloud and on-prem systems. Relying on legacy systems and manual approaches to manage multiple DSRs and PIAs can be overwhelming to privacy teams. Secuvy’s newest capabilities automate privacy compliance & data protection with a low touch and cost effective approach“ said Prashant Sharma, CTO, Secuvy.

Check out some of the exciting new features of Secuvy’s platform:

Data Retention, Sharing & Minimization — Get unparalleled control over users’ sensitive information by automating critical data retention, sharing, and minimization processes. Organizations can effortlessly adhere to data protection regulations, streamline compliance efforts, and eliminate manual errors. Reduce exposure of sensitive data with data minimization and seamlessly manage data retention periods to enhance data privacy.

Automated Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs), Record of Processing Activities (RoPA) — Identify, analyze, and minimize potential data security risks with data driven guided workflows to automate Privacy Impact Assessments. Organizations can put increased focus on strategizing privacy initiatives through Secuvy’s AI-driven automation for data mapping and privacy management tasks.

Data Security Posture Management (DSPM) — Discover & remediate security risks across your AWS cloud environment by following best security practices & compliance frameworks. Secuvy’s DSPM allows users to assess their organization’s security posture and prevent data breaches by providing visibility and control, allowing you to proactively identify vulnerabilities and mitigate risks.

Live Data Inventory and Mapping — Via its Advanced Data Classification, Secuvy’s platform simplifies the complex process of data inventory and mapping, allowing users to identify and categorize sensitive data assets. Through an intuitive interface, track data flows, data usage, and assess potential privacy risks. Organizations can meet compliance requirements by understanding what type of data resides where and also implement data governance practices.

“With over 70% of consumers sharing that data privacy is an important concern for them, and with the vast amount of data that gets processed each day, organizations are at a critical point to ensure they are implementing every action possible to combat rising data threats and assuage fears that these threats create. Secuvy offers an unprecedented solution that evolves with their data privacy compliance requirements. By having a full grasp on ALL sensitive data, IT and compliance leaders see a significantly reduced risk for policy violations, potentially steep fines and any blemishes to brand reputation that occurs when a cyber incident arises. More importantly, they also experience peace of mind knowing that the technology is doing its job and getting smarter each day.” — Mike Seashols, Secuvy CEO & Chair

About Secuvy

Secuvy is a pioneer in tapping into the power of self-learning AI algorithms to provide accurate and exhaustive data intelligence at enterprise scale at light speed. The organization is trailblazing solutions empower organizations to navigate the complexities of privacy and security management, ensuring compliance and informed decision-making. Secuvy stands at the forefront of revolutionizing Privacy compliance and data security for today’s dynamic business landscape.

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