Automated Data Subject Access Requests (DSAR)

The Secuvy Platform enables you to comply with global privacy regulations like GDPR and CCPA which mandate businesses to disclose an individual’s personal data upon request, responding within specified DSAR timeframes.

Automate Data Rights Fulfillment 

The Secuvy Platform automates DSAR management with dynamic discovery, classification, and user profile linkage. Streamline DSARs, validate deletions, and generate DSAR PDF reports efficiently.

Problems We Solve

Simplifying Complex Workflow

Since personal data is distributed across hundreds of data systems & applications managed by various stakeholders, correlating individuals’ data and fulfilling DSARs requests
is complex and time-consuming.

Automated Fulfillment

Searching for personal data across hundreds of systems is error-prone, labor intensive, and costly.

Taming Sensitive Data Sprawl

The Secuvy Platform enables deep discovery of sensitive data subject to DSARs. Data sprawl increases risk of exposure. Only a tool like Secuvy powered by self-learning AI is capable of fully discovering consumer data for full compliance with the DSAR.

DSAR Dashboard

Secuvy enables you to track all DSARs and provides a real-time view of all the DSAR requests and their status.

Deep Data Sources

The Secuvy Platform instantly discovers, deletes, rectifies, or otherwise actions a requestor’s data across all relevant systems.

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