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Pleasanton, California April 18, 2024 — Secuvy, a leading innovator in data identification solutions, is announcing, for the first time, a series of groundbreaking offers aimed at empowering businesses to leave out-dated, inaccurate and clunky data identification platforms behind.

Time and time again, non-Secuvy customers are raising concerns surrounding the accuracy of their data, the effort required to classify that data and the time they’re losing when working to implement competitor products. Secuvy is filling the gap while redefining the landscape with AI-driven data discovery and protection solutions.

Organizations can’t afford not to know their data! With self-learning AI – Secuvy is the most accurate and quick to implement data discovery and classification tool on the planet.

Secuvy now presents two distinct offers to meet organizations’ unique needs:

1. Contract Buyback:

Organizations that have a year or less left on their current contract with a different provider but are looking for a better option or service qualify to have Secuvy buy back their existing contract, valued up to the cost of Secuvy Software.

2. Three Months Free:

For those not with a current provider, Secuvy is now offering the first three months free. This offer is designed to empower businesses with seamless security solutions, ensuring peace of mind from day one.

These limited time offers are only available until June 16th.

More organizations are choosing Secuvy AI’s self-learning solution for a variety of reasons:

  • Cost — 90% total cost savings versus all major competitors
  • Accuracy — 99.9% accurate in identifying personal and sensitive data
  • Speed — Up and running 4x faster. We deploy in minutes and implement within days
  • Decreased Risk — More accurate data means significantly reduced risk


“You can’t protect ALL your sensitive data unless you know it exists. Here at Secuvy, we’re all about empowering data responsibility through self-learning AI. We know the current tools out there are just not getting it done but switching providers often comes with massive costs, increased downtime and uncertainty. Our new offers paired with our groundbreaking technology, eliminates all of that. We’re not just inviting organizations to switch to us; we’re rolling out the red carpet,” said Mike Seashols, CEO & Chair of Secuvy.

“It’s our way of saying, ‘Welcome to a safer, more secure future for your organization’s data discovery and protection solutions.’ So let us take the reins – it’s time for your organization to have 360° continuous visibility into all your personal and sensitive data with the greatest accuracy, unparalleled speed and the lowest cost in the industry.”

 Mike Seashols, Secuvy CEO & Chair

About Secuvy

Secuvy is a pioneer in tapping into the power of self-learning AI algorithms to provide  accurate and exhaustive data intelligence at enterprise scale at light speed. The organization is trailblazing solutions that empower organizations to navigate the complexities of privacy and security management, ensuring compliance and informed decision-making. Secuvy stands at the forefront of revolutionizing Privacy compliance and data security for today’s dynamic business landscape.

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