Automated Data Privacy

The Secuvy Platform provides data-driven privacy compliance and automation for regulatory resilience.

Build your Guardrails. Demonstrate Compliance

Secuvy’s self-learning AI technology minimizes false positives in data discovery and classification, adapting to an organization’s unique data signatures in unstructured, semi-structured, and structured environments.

The Secuvy Platform:
-Provides unparalleled data discovery and classification for any source, any data type, anywhere
-Identifies, classifies, and correlates data based on context of the data and data subjects
-Enforces data privacy policies with accountability  (retention, deletion, etc.)

Key Capabilities for Data Privacy

Contextual Data Mapping

Data mapping is the cornerstone of compliance. Visualizing personal data journeys, sources, and relationships aids in identifying privacy and compliance gaps. This process is vital for a holistic understanding of personal data movement within an organization. It enables effective responses to data subjects’ requests, conducting data protection impact assessments (DPIA), and maintaining records of data processing activities (RoPA). 

Purpose-based: Data Classification

Self-learning AI assigns specific intent and context to data classification, ensuring granular control and streamlined compliance. AI automates this process, efficiently categorizing the entirety of your data to enhance privacy and align data use with its designated purpose. It ultimately fortifies privacy and governance practices and optimizes data lifecycle management.

Data Subject Requests (DSRs)

Within one single pane of glass, you can leverage turnkey DSR management processes to maintain regulatory compliance, enhance transparency with customers and regulators, and reduce costs.

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Contextual Data Deletion: Data Retention

The Secuvy Platform ensures that requisite information is preserved based on retention schedules and meets legal requirements. This enhances operational efficiency, reduces risk, and aligns with data lifecycle management best practices. For deletion, Secuvy automates the identification and removal of obsolete or sensitive data based on set retention schedules to meet data minimization goals, reduce risk, and costs while proving compliance.

Data Inventory

Adding tags derived from your data classification to your data systems. Index the contents of your data stores and make individual components expeditiously searchable. It’s like a search engine for your data.


Streamline Consent

Secuvy provides a centralized consent data view. It empowers you to craft comprehensive consent assessments, ensuring the management, correlation, and protection of data subjects’ privacy rights for compliance.

Ensure personal data is kept private with automated workflows, and demonstrate regulatory compliance with Secuvy.