Data Inventory and Mapping to Strengthen Your Privacy and Governance Program

Keep the data mapping for your IT systems and business processes up-to-date, and bid adieu to slow, manual processes with Secuvy. Our Data Inventory and Mapping Automation solution help you easily migrate from traditional approaches to flexible intake methods and document transfer mechanisms. Powered by AI, the solution lets you streamline data collection, data discovery, and dynamic updating of records. 

Automated Data Mapping

Easily Populate the
Data Map

Import data from existing systems and collaborate 

Automatic Risk

Evaluate security threats and mitigate residual risks

Data Discovery and

Uncover new data assets and monitor existing ones for changes

Real-time, Automated Compliance Reporting

Up-to-date data processing records to understand data lineage and flow

Secuvy Privacy Automated
Easily Import Data from Existing Systems to Populate Data Map
Intake data from existing systems and integrate with ongoing DPIA, and Vendor Assessment Processes to populate data inventories. Capture in-depth details on Data Assets and Data Processes and collaborate with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs).
Automate Compliance and Security Risks Evaluation
Our intelligence-powered solution automatically assesses your data map for risks and threats by evaluating it against various privacy laws and frameworks. The solution tracks applied controls to mitigate any residual risk raised by integration with other business applications.
Secuvy Privacy Automated
Secuvy Privacy Automated
Real-time, Automated Compliance Reporting, and Data Flow Visualizations
Leverage Secuvy intelligence architecture to generate up-to-date data processing records and understand data lineage and mechanisms for cross-border data flows. Generate Article 30 reports or PIA/DPIA assessments as needed.
Dynamic, Visual Data Insights and Graphs
Get insightful reports powered by dynamic visual graphs that depict granular details of your personal data. Our Platform provides a single pane of glass for Structured, Semi-Structured and Unstructured Data. Insightful reports and alerts by data type, subject residency, subject type, category, and data storage location.
Secuvy Privacy Automated