• California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA)
    • In addition to CCPA rights, beginning Jan 1st 2023 the California Consumer Privacy Act will also apply in full to human resources data. This means that the individually identifiable information of your applicants, employees, independent contractors, dependents, and other HR data of California residents will fall under CPRA. Any of these individuals will be able to request data access and/or deletion of their personal data.
    • California Children Online Data and Privacy
    • California Abortion Protection Law
      • https://calmatters.org/health/2022/09/california-abortion-bills/
  • Virginia Privacy Law (VCDPA) will be enforced beginning Jan 1st 2023, which is similar to CPRA 
  • Colorado Privacy Law (CPA) will be enforced beginning Jul 1st 2023
  • Utah Privacy Law (UCPA) will be enforced beginning Dec 31st 2023
  • Nevada privacy law (SB260) was enforced on Oct 1st 2021
  • Illinois has multiple privacy laws where state agencies and consumers need to comply:
    • Personal Information Protection Act(PIPA).
    • Student Online Personal Protection Act(SOPPA).
    • Biometric Information Privacy Act(BIPA).
    • Protecting Household Privacy Act (PHPA) enforced on Jan 1st 2022.
  • There are over 20 other US states where privacy laws are under review.

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Summary: The US is actively looking to pass a federal privacy law parallel to GDPR in Europe. Today, there are over 130 privacy laws globally and expanding. Today’s organization stores consumers, customers, employee data etc.. where they need to comply with multiple laws, else have to go through fines. Secuvy helps to automate privacy compliance tracking requirements of all current and future privacy regulations