Nick Shevelyov

Managing Partner – Executive Cybersecurity Advisory Services. Formerly CISO Silicon Valley Bank.

Nick Shevelyov is a cybersecurity executive, advisor, investor, and published author. He applies his experiences as Chief Security Officer (CSO), Chief Privacy Officer (CPO), Chief Information Officer (CIO), and Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) to improve his client’s probability of success. A sought-after public speaker on innovation and cyber risk management, he demonstrated the ability to handle complexity and ambiguity by helping build and defend Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) as it expanded globally (2007 – 2021). After winning the SVB MVP award and completing fifteen years as a highly respected executive C-suite leader at the bank of the innovation economy, Nick stepped down from his role in 2021 to concentrate on starting, a firm engaging with clients as an independent advisor, consultant, and investor.