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About the Product

Easily collect and organise consumer’s Data Subject Requests

With Secuvy’s DSAR Automation, you can quickly create and publish data subject requests using customizable forms, automatically link personal and sensitive data for each data request, create simple workflows to collaborate among multiple stakeholders to aid security and compliance, and share personal data over a secure portal for ease of use and peace of mind.

Along with all these benefits, you can also audit records that may be searched to show compliance and bookkeeping.

Custom Data Request Forms

Dynamic request forms to initiate the fulfillment process

Secure ID Verification

Auto-detect and auto-expire unverified data subject access requests

Scan Multiple Data Sources

AI-powered mechanism to scan multiple data sources

Demonstrate Compliance Via System Logs

Showcase fulfillment via a secure, encrypted portal
Get Secure Data Requests with ID Verification
Accept evidence from customers during DSAR submission to prevent fraud and auto-detect or auto-expire duplicate/unverified requests. Choose from multiple ID verification methods including phone, email, or security questions.
Configure Sources to Identify Subjects’ Data Location
Get the ability to connect and integrate with hundreds of data sources – Google Drive, Slack, Dropbox, Databases, CRMs, Marketing Platforms and more – to scan for subjects’ data using our AI-powered workflows. Let Secuvy’s DSAR Automation save costs, efforts and errors.
Encrypted Portal To Send Compliance Information
Using a secure, encrypted gateway, reassure requestors that their data subject access requests will be met. Give them quick access to the data and let them know how their request is progressing. In the case of a regulatory assessment or legal action, demonstrate compliance using DSAR/SAR system logs.
Auto-Generate Reports to Track Important Metrics
Get instant reports to keep a track of important metrics like requests, actions, and timelines to share with requestors. Send these encrypted reports for review and approval via a secure portal. In order to add another layer of security, we provide a unique encryption key to the receiver.
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