Faster Fulfillment of personal data requests

Data models get complex by the day, which makes it challenging, and time-consuming, to respond to consumer rights requests manually. Right from the initial data request intake to compliance with privacy laws, the multiple steps involved call for making the process scalable. 

Simple & Easy to use Privacy Portal Workflows

Custom Data
Request Forms

Dynamic request forms to initiate the fulfillment process

Secure ID

Auto-detect, auto-expire unverified requests

Scan Multiple
Data Sources

AI-powered mechanism to scan multiple data sources

Demonstrate Compliance
Via System Logs

Showcase fulfillment via a secure, encrypted portal

Ensure Secure Data Requests with ID Verification
Accept evidence from consumers during data request submission to prevent fraud and auto-detect and auto-expire duplicate or unverified requests. Choose from multiple ID verification approaches including phone, email, or security questions.
Secuvy Privacy Automated
Secuvy Privacy Automated
Configure Data Sources to Identify Subjects’ Data Location
Connect to and integrate with a variety of data sources – Google Drive, Slack, Dropbox, and more – to scan for subjects’ data using our automated, AI-powered mechanisms.
Send Secure Fulfillment and Compliance Intimation to Requestors
Assure requestors about the fulfillment of their request via a secure, encrypted portal. Give them quick access to their information and show them the fulfillment status of their request. Demonstrate compliance via DSR system logs in the event of a regulatory review or legal action.
Secuvy Privacy Automated
Secuvy Privacy Automated
Auto-Generate Reports to Track Important Metrics
Generate reports to keep a track of important metrics like requests, actions, and timelines to share with requestors. Send these encrypted reports for review and approval via a secure portal. The encryption key for the reports is unique to the receiver to add another layer of security.