Bigid Alternative

Secuvy vs. Bigid for Data Privacy Management

 Secuvy is a highly flexible and integrated privacy management solution that enables you to manage your expanding data privacy requirements with data mapping, subject access requests, & user consent management that is a competitive Bigid alternative.

 Today’s privacy, security, and data landscapes are far too complex for first generation privacy software tools.

From over expansive dark data sets, complex compliance regulations , you need data driven decisions to create an effective privacy program.

Privacy regulations are increasing and need dynamic compliance support with increased demands on Privacy, Security & Governance needs involving Data Mapping across complex datasets. When choosing a data privacy management software, it is essential to compare platforms and services and to choose a vendor with services that meet your data privacy needs. If you’re looking for bigid alternatives, consider these essential capabilities in your next-generation privacy management platform.

Automated data privacy, consent, and governance workflows platform

You can find additional security and privacy features when you search for alternatives to Bigid. The functionality offered by alternative solutions will enable you to fully automate consents in a single platform, monitoring the life cycle of your data and taking action on their behalf wherever their data lives – on your website, and across ecosystems like Databases, Emails and Documents, and CRM systems like Salesforce.

Consumers trust brands when they are in control of their data. But marketers need more than just cookie banners to protect consumer privacy, including the ability to respect consumer preferences for the use of their data across the entire ecosystem. The market is shifting toward automation that can make complying with consumer security preferences easy and reduce the risk of compliance issues.


Privacy orchestration
Secuvy connects to downstream data systems to ensure consumer choice is respected everywhere, across internal data stores like Snowflake, and external 3rd party systems like Facebook.


Privacy Rights Fulfillment
Secuvy platform provides automation beyond simple cookie management, providing visibility and changes related to underlying personal data and classifying the purpose of processing. Honoring Privacy Choices and having visibility into data processing purposes builds confidence with privacy and compliance teams.  Secuvy platform provide a live view of sensitive data inventory and automate privacy requests related to erasure or otherwise.


Contextual data discovery
Secuvy ties identity of customer across Unstructured sources including emails, documents and images. Our contextual AI learns about your sensitive data and automatically tags it to individuals without needing extensive rules or policies mapping individual fields.

Automate Data Subjects Rights Management

Data Subject Rights Processing is manually done for a lot of businesses with costs ranging from $1500 – $7800 per request. Platforms like bigid create tickets and need extensive setup to complete the DSAR processing for individual request.   Secuvy uses AI to automate the processing for you bringing down the time and efforts drastically. 


Guided End to End Automation
Secuvy provides easy to use Ai driven setup for DSAR rights fulfillment.  Single click deploy templates to handle rights authentication, intake and completion. Our dsar recommendation engine does not create endless list of tasks for your team to handle instead guiding you what is needed for Privacy and Compliance purposes.


Data Governance for Erasure 
Via our contextual entity resolution we provide single pane of glass for user data across  different data sources, providing fine tuned controls for data deletion, masking or obfuscation  options for which fields to delete and their underlying impact on downstream systems.

Automated Contextual Data Discovery

Many Security and first-generation privacy platforms like Bigid need setup of manual rules and policies for data discovery, requiring constant maintenance and updates for privacy use cases. Secuvy data discovery is always-learning and deeply integrated with our privacy management ecosystem, creating efficiencies for risk assessments, reporting, consent, dsar and data mapping services. 


Live Data Maps
Secuvy data discovery is always running in differential mode, constantly scanning your data changes (including third-party vendors): across cloud apps, databases and CRMs, identifying & classifying structured, semi-structured and unstructured data. Our contextual AI driven approach drives 90% efficiency in saving human efforts, time and expense for a privacy and security teams without need for hiring FTEs .


Automated Deployment, Updates 
With Secuvy, we use latest microservices architecture for Cloud Apps deployment. With a single click you can deploy our platform.  All updates are automatic with no user intervention needed. We do not store or make copy of any customer/employee data. Since we run in your cloud account, this prevents risk of any data breach. Automated Setups & zero maintenance is what customers love about us as it reduces costs greatly

ROI with Secuvy Privacy platform

Our Simplified Setup, Zero Maintenance and Centralized Guided Data Driven Platform greatly reduces investment in Infrastructure, Costs &  Human efforts. Secuvy customers see an average 10-15X ROI compared to first-generation privacy solutions. 

Minimize Data Risks
Get true picture of sensitive data present across sources to prioritize and minimize the risks.

Build trust 
Provide your customers details about data collection showing data responsibility and brand maturity as a competitive advantage

Collapse compliance costs
Rely on Data and Automation to drive decisions instead of manual surveys and assessments.