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Identify, prioritize, and mitigate data risks with Privacy Risk Assessments solution. As a part of our strategic risk assessment, we evaluate the collection, use, sharing, and maintenance of personally identifiable information by an organization. The risk profile thus created offers a high-level view of any data threats faced by the organization and helps your company become compliant with key privacy laws.

Reveal and Map Personally Identifiable Data
Locate and collate personally identifiable data by answering a series of questionnaires. Map data flows and any resources involved in processing, retention, and deletion. Collate all the data together – including specifications, requirements documents, third-party data protection agreements, and database schemas
Discover and Classify Data Risks
Map the collated data to relevant systems, products, and business processes, and classify it on the basis of uses, purpose, and related risk levels. Our intuitive scanning technology brings to light the tracking technologies and trackers used, with insight into personally identifiable information (PII) data collection.
Analyze Privacy Policies for Compliance
Analyze frequently used data management practices and privacy policies alongside applicable frameworks. Get a high-level view of risk factors identified internally or those brought in by third-party vendors or service providers.
Concise Reporting and Gap Analysis
Access an end-to-end compliance review report that outlines and classifies risk across the data lifecycle, and describes any gaps found.
Customized Change Recommendations
Get personalized remediation recommendations based on the gap analysis. We assist you in creating new policies and programs and validate remediation steps with easy-to-use sample templates.
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