Easy Search & Detection of Sensitive data

Look beyond metadata and uncover deeper insights from the data itself. Secuvy’s Data Discovery solution utilizes Contexual Artificial Intelligence that initiates the discovery of personal data and user correlation in real-time. Providing a single pane of glass for Structured, Semi & UnStructured Data across on-premises and multi-cloud.

Collect, Organize, and build a live Data Catalog to handle Privacy, Security and Governance needs for Databases, Object Stores, Storage and more. Get a snapshot of all your sensitive files, emails, Images,  in and auto classify by categories, types, purpose, access and sensitivity labels.

Comprehensive Coverage with 250+ native connectors with pre-shipped data attributes for Privacy, Financial, Healthcare, Legal, Federal verticals. Detect special attributes that require disclosure under Privacy Regulations as race, religion, passport numbers, national IDs and more.

Data Discovery Automation powered by AI

Catalog Data

Catalog different attributes and metadata from across the ecosystem

Better Manage
Data Risk

Discover ungoverned assets to get in-depth insights

Identify and Map
Sensitive Data

Unveil and correlate data elements that metadata scanners cannot

Correlate to Uncover Relationships

View interconnected data attributes compiled in one place

Secuvy Privacy Automated
Automatically Catalog and Map Sensitive Data
Automate data discovery for better oversight and context and derive value from your business ecosystem. Catalog different attributes and metadata of sensitive and personal attributes to get in-depth insights, greater accuracy, and shorter time to value. Unveil ungoverned assets and identify personal information to manage risks and avoid data threats.
Correlate and Add Context to Data Relationships
Look beyond the metadata and discover, correlate data elements to an entity and find relationships between multiple data points, and get greater privacy-centric visibility. Deduce new sensitive and personal data attributes and see multiple, interconnected data attributes compiled in one place.
Secuvy Privacy Automated
Secuvy Privacy Automated
Automated, Easy-to-Comprehend Outcome
Automatically receive updates about entity-resolved graphs and outcome reports. Stay up-to-date about any new entity, the handling of any new data intake or other relationship information updates via the graphs.