Debra Farber – JD, CISSP, FIP

Secuvy Advisor

Debra J. Farber is a globally-recognized Privacy, Security, and Ethical Tech Advisor and Principal and Host of The Shifting Privacy Left Podcast.

With over 17 years of experience managing privacy and data protection issues, Debra has shifted left to work with companies seeking to unlock the value of their data with privacy by design (PbD) strategies, privacy enabling technologies (PETs), and privacy engineering methodologies.

Debra serves as Strategic Advisor to The Rise of Privacy Tech, The Institute of Privacy by Design,, & Privaini; and is building a robust community for privacy engineers, architects, data scientists, researchers, and technologists at Shifting Privacy Left. Previously, she held privacy and security leadership roles at Amazon Prime Video, AWS, BigID, Visa, TrustArc, and IBM.