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Brazil LGPD Privacy Law

In September 2020, Brazil finally implemented its General Data Protection Law or...


While Californian businesses are still coping with becoming compliant with the...

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Schrems II: Cross Country Data Transfers

Cross Country Data Transfers

Personal data protection concept

Five Privacy Trends to Watch in 2021

Five Privacy trends to watch in 2021

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5 Ways Data Privacy Will Reshape Ecommerce in Years to Come – Future Predictions and Trends

Privacy and security are quickly becoming top concerns in ecommerce. Its growing...

Secuvy AI joins Keepabl’s Privacy Stack!

Secuvy, the leading Data Privacy and Security platform with integrations from...

Is CCPA Applicable to your Business?

California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) came into implementation from Jan 1st...

Global Privacy Laws

List of Global Privacy LawsEuropean UnionGeneral Data Protection Regulation...


RegulationGDPRCCPAEnforcement DateMay 25th, 2018Jan 1st, 2020Who needs to...

New Zealand Privacy Act 2020

The long-awaited amendment in the New Zealand Privacy Bill, which proposes...

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India’s Personal Data Protection Bill

India Data Privacy law.